Book Club Events, from 01.03.2024, 11am-12pm

Venue: CLR James Library, Dalston Ln, E8 3AZ

Book club is an opportunity for people to come together to explore the wonderful world of stories & storytelling, discovering new genres, authors and adventures.
From fantasy to crime, poems and plays, there is something for everyone.
Age and ability are not important to us, just a love of reading, learning and sharing something new.
Each week we will:
· Start the session with a mindfulness
· Agree on a genre and book or poem together
· Have group discussions to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Please contact us for more information on

Event dates: 01.03.2024, 08.03.2024, 15.03.2024, 22.03.2024, 29.03.2024, 05.04.2024, 12.04.2024, 19.04.2024

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