Thank you for your referral to The City & Hackney Wellbeing Network. 

In light of government advice on social distancing we are  currently offering a limited number of face-to-face groups and courses. 

The Wellbeing Network was developed a digital pathway which will periodically give you access to resources to help you managed your mental health and wellbeing throughout this challenging time.

As part of this pathway we would like to offer you free access to some  online self-help courses  via a platform called  Silvercloud.

We will continue to contact you about any future offers that can be accessed remotely using your phone or computer. 

What is Silvercloud?

Silvercloud is an NHS approved online self-help platform which aims to  give you  some  skills to deal with everyday issues that may be affecting your emotional health.

There are  four self-help course options  that we hope can help to support your mental health and wellbeing at this time:

1.      Space for Sleep 

  • Focus on developing a good sleep cycle and healthy sleep habits.
  • Create  a time for bed routine to promote restorative sleep.
  • Develop a good sleep/wake association with the bedroom and sleeping.
  • Use  evidence-based  techniques such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

2.       Space from Stress 

  • Explore  you r own strengths and resources to deal with stress and to find a better balance in life.
  • Look at the skills that can help to keep stress from becoming too much. Including, how to set goals, how to solve problems with practical solutions and effective time management strategies.
  • Examine how exercise, diet, social relationships and sleep can impact on stress levels and includes practical tips for making positive changes and lifestyle choices.
  • Focus on what can be done to destress relationships and make them more satisfying including practical techniques to improve communication skills.

3.      Resilience 

  • Understand the concept of resilience and how it can be learned and developed over time.
  • Based on positive psychology, the course provides users with a series of evidence-based skills and behaviours that can be learned to enhance their resilience.
  • Introduces and focuses on the 5 areas of resilience: purpose, self, connections, body and mind.

4. Space from Covid-19  

  • Normalise worries and difficult emotions.
  • Focuses on developing good sleep habits (sleep hygiene).
  • Introduces the core principles and benefits of mindfulness.
  • Explore  grief  and loss  response and provide  practical strategies and healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with grief.
  • Try a variety of relaxation techniques and integrate relaxation practices into daily life.

If you would like to access any of these courses, please CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

Please note:

  • Your link will enable you to access all four courses, however, you can only access one course at a time.
  • Silvercloud  courses are used within the NHS and are compliant with the national programme: Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). Although The Wellbeing Network draws upon a variety of therapeutic and holistic approaches, these courses have been  developed from  a  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy model  (CBT) and are based on this way of working.
  • These courses are offered in a self-help mode and you will not be supported by staff on this occasion.
  • You can complete the courses at your own time and pace, however, we recommend ensuring that you can commit to the entirety of the course before signing up.