The Music Hunters

We’d like to share a snippet of a powerful and entertaining story written by our clients during our successful Creative Writing course. This piece of writing is a wonderful reflection of how the Wellbeing Network can help clients discover their creative talents.


A dark office block, Uxbridge MI5 headquarters – 1951:

Operatives huddle around a dimly lit table, discussing strategy. “Do you think we will come across the Faberge egg?” the man at the top of the table demands. “Well there has been intel to suggest…” “You mean whispers?”

Oxfordshire – 1962

Ursula approaches the conservatoire’s wrought iron gates. Her freshly ironed grey tunic makes her look quite smart even though she feels far from it. Her yellow hair, in pigtails, flows just past her neckline, framing her angelic face. She hopes she can settle here and doesn’t have to move again, as she’s always had to in the past.

The classroom seemed huge, it was well decorated but an alien space and she’d never seen so many desks! Miss Seabrooks asked Ursula to play a small passage from Chopin’s 2nd symphony. Ursula suddenly felt very timid, although she was familiar with the piece she didn’t want to make any errors in front of her peers. Day one was, to say the least, a bit daunting!

At the conservatoire, a summer’s evening in the countryside. Teaching has finished…

The teacher hears the piano and thinks ‘who is playing Schubert?’ This was one of his favourite composers so he couldn’t resist going to have a listen. Ursula was so focused on her playing that she didn’t realise she had an audience. When she did realise he was there her fingers leapt off the piano and she became very embarrassed! “Oh! Please go on” the teacher remarks, “it is very beautiful! How long have you been playing Schubert?” When Ursula doesn’t reply he continues “I’m sorry if I startled you, it was just so lovely, I haven’t heard Schubert for some time.” “He’s one of my favourites” murmurs Ursula, her voice barely more than a whisper, although her eyes twinkle before she quickly lowers her gaze.

If you want to hear some more of these wonderful stories and poetry written by our clients, you can go to where a blog has been created to demonstrate their work.


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