Low Intensity ACT – Group Course – 18:00 – 20:00

4 Weeks x 2hrs 8-10 Tudor Road, London, E9 7SN This group will consist of 8-10 participants ACT is an empirically based model that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with commitment to value based actions to increase psychological flexibility. Through mindfulness, participants will be taught how to increase awareness of difficult thoughts feelings and emotions; and - using techniques such as difffusion - will be taught how to respond to, and make space for them, creating the flexibility to express personal qualities that will move them towards living life more meaningfully, in accordance with their values. The course will consist of psycho-education, discussion, reflections and exercises which will take place both in small groups and the larger group. The facilitator will make use of metaphors and scenarios to illustrate the core skills and will invite participants to practice becoming aware of towards and away moves using a matrix system. Participants are free to not participate in the exercises if they do not wish to do so. Home practice will be encouraged in -between sessions.