5 to Thrive

The 5 to Thrive Campaign was created to combine 5 techniques which improve our mental wellbeing. It has been used at many different health organisations, schools and community projects as a way to connect societies and improve mental health.


What is 5 to thrive?
The 5 techniques are Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Give, and Take Notice. Connect teaches us to reach out to our friends, families, colleagues and neighbours through fun activities or just by having a chat. Keep Learning encourages us to try something new or rediscover and develop an old skill. Be Active explains the benefits of remaining active, whether it’s taking part in a walk in a park or a fast pace dance class! Give demonstrates the importance of contributing to society and emphasises the importance that fulfillment can have to our mental health. Finally, Take Notice links to Mindfulness techniques that aim to connect us to our environments and encourage everyday reflection.


During this week City and Hackney Mind offered free drop-in Mindfulness sessions which helped users relax and take notice of their surroundings. City and Hackney Mind offer many sessions which centre around these 5 techniques and encouraging clients to improve their mental wellbeing.


“It has been very pleasant and informative. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will miss it!”

  -A quote from one of our Mindfulness sessions


To find out more about 5 to Thrive:



If you’d like to find out more about the wide range of support on offer through City and Hackney Wellbeing Network, find out more heremake a referral or call us on 0208 525 2301.

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